The Stone grain film is a decorative PVC film for surface design applications. The texture of the film is close to the natural stone, Such as marble, granite, terrazzo, gravel, And according to the individual needs of customers, we have designed more color combinations. The film is ideal for use in interior door, furniture, kitchen and bathroom design applications. It can be applied in many ways, such as using vacuum press technology, wrapping technology or using flat lamination technology. It has impressive flexibility and mechanical characteristics, and can be adapted to the intended use.
Applications Utensilia, ostia interiora, repositoria coquinaria, scrinium balnei.
Materia: PVC
Processus generis: Vacuum torcular, involutio, plana lamination
Possessiones: Repugnantia labe, vi mechanica, Malleable
Superficies: MDF, MLB, Chipboard.Spuma tabula
Crassitudo; 0.12mm- 0.35mm
Latitudo: 1260mm, 1400mm
Longitudo volvunt: 100-300 linearibus metris (pro crassitudine)
MOQ 3000 - 5000 metrorum linearium (pro crassitudine)

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