Due to the use of imported hand-carved embossed rollers, the layered texture of these series is more rich and delicate, and the transition and the depth of the texture are more soft and natural. They could meet the higher level needs of customers. The PVC film is ideal for use in interior door, furniture. It can be applied in many ways, such as using vacuum press technology, or using flat lamination technology.
Applications Utensilia, ostia interiora, repositoria coquinaria, scrinium balnei.
Materia: PVC
Processus generis: Vacuum torcular, lamination
Possessiones: Repugnantia labe, vi mechanica, Malleable
Superficies: MDF, MLB, Chipboard.Spuma tabula
Crassitudo; 0.35mm
Latitudo: 1400mm
Longitudo volvunt: 100 metra lineares
MOQ 1000 metra lineares

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